In recent weeks the number of New Yorkers hospitalized with COVID-19 has skyrocketed.

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On Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo confirmed 26 more New Yorkers were hospitalized with COVID-19 on Tuesday, bringing the statewide total to 1,253. On Sept. 5, 410 Empire State residents were in the hospital with COVID-19, according to the New York State COVID-19 dashboard.

"The surge in cases around the country and the globe is a stark reminder that this pandemic is far from over, Cuomo said on Wednesday.

In about a month the number of New Yorkers hospitalized with COVID-19 has increased by 206 percent.

The Governor noted on Wednesday that the positive testing rate in all focus areas under the state's Micro-Cluster strategy is 2.69 percent, and outside the focus zone areas are 1.42 percent. Within the focus areas, 18,581 test results were reported yesterday, yielding 499 positives. In the remainder of the state, not counting these focus areas, 114,953 test results were reported, yielding 1,627 positives.

"While we are doing a good job keeping our positivity rate comparatively low, the numbers in Western New York are a caution flag," Cuomo said. "We're staying on top of this situation by continuing our aggressive micro-cluster strategy, expanding testing capacity and enforcing compliance of the public health law. But New Yorkers must continue to practice the basic daily behaviors that make such a difference in our ability to slow the spread. Be vigilant, wear a mask, stay socially distanced and wash your hands. We can beat this virus but only if we work together and stay New York Tough."

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