Big changes are coming to the City of Poughkeepsie. Will you notice? It might be hard not to notice the changes, especially if you cross through these paths on a regular basis, because you might be inconvenienced as they make the improvements.

How did all of this actually come about? Where did the money come from? How were these 11 intersections deemed 'the ones? What will actually be changed and when will it happen?

Thanks for asking the questions! The City of Poughkeepsie is the recipient of $2,400,000 from a New York Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP) grant program.

The changes that will be made to the following intersections include improving signage, adding countdown crossing timers, and improving handicapped accessibility.  The intersections were chosen because of the amount of accidents at these spots, the potential lack of current visibility and because of their overall pedestrian volume of traffic.

The intersections that have been selected for the intended upgrades include the following:

  • Main Street mid-block crossing at John Flowers Circle (Waryas Park)
  • Main Street at Rinaldi Boulevard
  • Main Street at Davies Place
  • Main Street at Perry Street
  • Main Street at Bridge Street
  • Main Street at Market Street
  • Main Street at Clinton Street
  • Main Street at Cherry Street
  • Main Street at Innis Avenue/Worrall Avenue
  • Main Street at Cannon Street
  • Main Street mid-block crossing at county office building

When can you see the construction/modifications start to take place? This fall (2020) with the improvements to be completed by summer of 2021. Pedestrians may have a bit of inconvenience during the construction period. Do you walk through any of the above crosswalks? Do you agree with the need to make them safer? Can you suggest another intersection to be added to the above list for improvements?

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