Just in time for Spooky Season, we found the perfect Airbnb getaway to cozy up while getting the chance to spend a night in a former cemetery schoolhouse.

Asian Room in the Cemetery Schoolhouse

Located in Hudson, NY, this Airbnb looks to be a great getaway for you Halloween lovers. This Airbnb is hosted by Laura Ann. Laura Ann is an artist, and has been featured on FYI Channel's "Tiny House Hunting."

Located in the midst of Hudson City Cemetery, the Craftmen's 4 room School House was built back in 1900. The schoolhouse is a 7 minute walk into town. Tailored after the cemeteries in Europe, it was created as a park to entice visitors. Many Hudson River School Painters made Hudson City Cemetery their final resting place, as well as famous inventors and titans of Industry.

The Asian Room is the true pride and joy of Laura Ann. Built around the 18th century Opium Wedding bed, it is an artistic blend of Asian and contemporary design. Laura Ann believes it is truly a spiritual space in complete harmony with the natural beauty of the surrounding park/cemetery.

Guests will have access to this second story 750 square foot classroom of the schoolhouse has has been converted into a studio loft containing a kitchen, bathroom, and living space. Entertain yourself with the 48" flat screen TV that you can watch from the Chinese Wedding Bed. Plus, on beautiful days, you'll encounter 3 friendly cockatoos! The more you look into this place, the more enamored you will be!

Spend a Night in This Cemetery Schoolhouse for Spooky Season

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