A few years ago who would have thought we would all be bringing our own bags to the store in order to carry our groceries home?  So a store that makes you bring your own containers, could that be so far-fetched?

Turns out it is not. Welcome to the Second Nature Refillery in New Paltz, New York. This unique but definitely up-with-the-times grocery store is just that place that encourages you to bring containers and refill them.

New Store Lets You Fill More Than Your Own Bag in New Paltz, NY

Located in the new Zero Place building in New Paltz, it seems to be the perfect store for this forward-thinking building. It makes sense that a store that sells food, household goods, and personal care produced in what they call no or minimal packing would be in such an eco-friendly building.

Second Nature Refillery via Facebook
Second Nature Refillery via Facebook

You may not be ready to go shopping in a store that doesn't have everything in flashy packaging but I ask you to think of it as bulk shopping without the bulk. Consider it a relief to realize that you aren't buying a box that is really half full. When you buy at the Second Nature Refillery you can see what you getting mostly because you will be scooping into your container.

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A Store that Encourages Refillable Containers Now in Ulster County, NY

I am looking forward to my first trip to this store. I am the kind of person who likes to buy the amount I need no more and no less so this type of place would be perfect for me. Nowadays with prices what they are no one wants to end up with food they don't need or won't use. I think the Second Nature Refillery can help with that issue. Plus you know what you are getting is fresh.

Second Nature Refillery via Facebook
Second Nature Refillery via Facebook

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