Is there a business that you love but there just aren't any around? Find out what businesses you want the most in our area.

Being new to the Hudson Valley, I thought this wouldn't be an interesting topic on our show. Is there a restaurant, grocery store or shopping center that you'd like to see here locally. In the mid west we don't have that many Dunkin' Donuts locations so everyone you find is a treat. Where I'm from we do have a sever Tim Horton's which is on the list of necessities for the HV. Sadly, we can't have everything but I would love to have a Jimmy Johns and a Costco.

Here's what you had to say:

"How about Krispy Kreme? I think the closest one is Penn Station. The BEST glazed donuts".

"Cheesecake factory would be dangerous for me but that would be a good look. I'm all about Whitecastle coming to the Hudson Valley. Chick -Fil-A as well".

Recently, Simon wrote an article that got the attention of Whitecastle. They even gave him a great response.

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