If you recently purchased bottled water from these stores, make sure you check them before you drink them.

According to News 10, water sold at Cumberland Farms, CVS and a few other stores could contain high levels of PFAS chemicals that are potentially toxic.

PFAS are chemicals that are used in nonstick and waterproof coatings and have been linked to cancer and other health problems according to officials.

Officials in Vermont have confirmed that the tainted water has been sold in the state, as well as others in New England.

As of now, there have been no reports of tainted water being sold in New York but New Hampshire and Massachusetts have already recommended that the public not drink water bottled by the Spring Hill Farm Dairy in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

The affected bottled water have dates before July 24, 2019, on them and are sold under many brand names including, Cumberland Farms, CVS (Ice Canyon), Food Club, IGA and Shaw’s.

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