Blame it on my obsession with Yellowstone and the fact that Boot Barn runs ads in the show but one thing I know is my car is pointed north in the next two weeks so that I can treat myself to a new pair of boots.

I have always been a fan of western wear and let's face it that style is not easy to come by in New York. When I saw that the Painted Pony Championship Rodeo had teamed up with Boot Barn I just knew that was going to lead to good news for us western wear fans.

New York Finally Gets a Boot Barn

The Painted Pony shared on their social media that they are part of the big grand opening celebration this weekend. According to the post, it is a 17,500-square-foot store. That is a lot of boots and other goodies.  The grand opening is this weekend if you can get there if not just plan a trip when you can because they aren't going anywhere.

Painted Pony Championship Rodeo via Facebook
Painted Pony Championship Rodeo via Facebook

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It is hard to believe that New York didn't have a Boot Barn until now. They carry items for everyone. For men, Women, and kids, Boot Barn even has home decor and gifts. They also carry a huge amount of brands including Cody James and Idyllwind, yes that's right Miranda's line of fashion. They also have standards like Carhartt, Justin Boots, and Levi.

Where is the Boot Barn Opening in New York?

The first Boot Barn in New York is at 579 Troy-Schenectady Road in Latham. Give them a call at (518) 738-1750 or just head up there this weekend for the fun. Not even an hour from part of the Hudson Valley it is so worth the trip. See you in the boot aisle.

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