If you are looking for a fair-weather activity that will make you feel like a kid again it is time to get back on your bike. Learning to ride a bike when I was a kid opened a whole new world to me. You could go so much farther around the neighborhood if you had a bike. You could also go much faster.

It has been years since I really when for a bike ride. My problem may be that my bike has been hanging in my garage for the last 20-plus years. Crazy Right? the crazier thing was I almost had it updated 10 years ago because I thought I would start biking to work. Anyway, I will eventually get around to fixing my bike but just because your ride is broken or maybe you don't even have one doesn't mean you can't get out and ride.

Hudson Valley Rails Trails for Biking and Walking

The Hudson Valley is full of great trails for biking. Now that they have linked up all the rail trails you can literally ride from town to town and county to county. If you aren't sure if there is a trail close to you check out the Empire State Trail, the Dutchess Rail Trail, the Delaware and Hudson Rail Trail, or the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail which connects to the River to Ridge Trail (R2R), you can even link up by using the Walkway over the Hudson.

Now that I have given you some places to ride let's look at places where you can rent a bike or maybe even buy one in the Hudson Valley. All of these places have a great Google reviews.

Places to Rent A Bike in the Hudson Valley

Places to Rent Bikes in the Hudson Valley

If you want to go biking in the Hudson Valley but aren't sure where you can rent a bike or take a bike tour you will want to check out these places for the answers. Place you can rent a bike in the Hudson Valley.

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