Another day another scam, this time scammers are going after New York State drivers.

According to WTEN, the latest scam is happening through email and is threatening the loss of your drivers license if you don't pay.

Scammers are now pretending to be from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles in an attempt to get your personal information by sending out emails that could pretty much fool any of us.

The emails basically threaten the reader that if they do not pay the fines stated in the email within 48 hours, that they will lose their drivers license.

The email has to links in it, one to pay the fines and the other to fight the charges. If you click on either of the links it will take you to a website that could expose your computer to a virus that could jeopardize your personal information.

If you open up your email and see that you have gotten one of these emails do not click on any of the links or forward it. You should delete the email immediately.

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