Many patrons are devastated by the announcement. There are so many unique restaurants in the Hudson Valley and each one is completely different. It's always a bummer when one announces that they will be closing their doors, we always hate to see an empty storefront.

One popular location in Beacon has closed and we wish them well on whatever comes next for them.

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What popular cafe in Beacon, NY is closing?

Sometimes it can be hard to find a vegan restaurant so it's a pain when one closes down. According to the Vegetalien Cafe Facebook Page, their last day of business was on January 29th and they have closed their doors for good. The reason why they are closing was not noted, but we can only imagine how hard it must be to keep a business going these days.

What did the Vegetalien Cafe serve?

Now I'm really bummed because I never had the chance to go and check them out. Their menu looked delicious and it looked like some favorites from the customers were the Buddha Bowls, B.L.T. sandwich and green smoothies. All of the pictures from their website look amazing and will make your stomach rumble.

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The cafe is still trying to help:

Maybe someone else can use some of the goods, the post mentioned that the cafe has various store equipment, shelving and fixtures that will be available for purchase. If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing one of those items you can send an email to

Lastly, the cafe mentioned how they appreciate all of their loyal customers who helped the store thrive over the past few years and thanked everyone who has supported them. We hope to see them again in the Hudson Valley soon.

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