So is your home covered from winter storm damage?

According to, your homeowner's insurance should cover most problems that happened due to the weather conditions over the weekend.


Your home could face water damage from the blizzard over the weekend. Waterpipes could freeze and burst to cause damage to your home, furniture, and flooring. This damage should be covered as long as you didn't leave your home unoccupied during the storm. If you were not at home, it depends on your policy if water damage is covered.


Most standard homeowner policies cover roof damage from winter weather. From water damage to collapses to gutter clogged with ice that caused the damage, you should be able to file a claim with your insurance.


If you had a tree fall down on your property during the storm, your policy should cover damage if the tree damaged your roof. If the tree fell and damaged your car, the comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance should cover the damage.

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If the tree fell and damaged the neighbor's roof or car, they should file with their insurance company.

If your neighbor's tree fell and damaged your house, your policy should cover the damage and the cost to remove the tree.

If a tree falls and no damage is done, your insurance will not cover anything.


If snow from your roof lands and damages your car, you should file using your car insurance for repairs.

Now is the time to double-check your policies as we are just getting into winter and more snow is expected over the next several months across Western New York.

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