I sure do, and I have two life-changing stories that both happened there.

If you drive along the Taconic State Parkway you might notice one BIG thing that's missing from the parkway, something that if you're ever stuck, could create quite the problem. There isn't one gas station anywhere on the Taconic, and if you ever tried to push your gas mileage you might have found out the hard way. (I hope that never happens to you...LOL.)

The Shenandoah gas station was located on the Taconic State Parkway for many years right near the 84 interchange and it was the only place that people could stop to get gas and use the restroom while driving on the Taconic. The rest stop closed back in 2002, and after stopping there many times over the years I had two things happen to me that I'll never forget.

One, it's the first place I ever saw another human being use a stand-up men's room urinal as a sit-down toilet. I'll never forget walking into the bathroom and seeing this guy trying to angle himself onto the urinal like it was a sit-down toilet. I'll let your imagination paint the rest of that picture.....LOL!

The other thing that happened to me there was it was the first time I ever had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Back in 2000 I was driving on 84 and started to have a panic attack while heading to work in Westchester. It got so bad that I got off 84 and pulled into the rest stop to try and calm down. As I tried to calm down I called my wife at the time and she thought I was having a heart attack so she called 911 and an ambulance showed up and took me to St. Francis Hospital. Thank god it wasn't a heart attack, just a panic attack. They gave me some medication and sent me on my way.

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