Cheers! Ordering your "Cuomo chips" at New York bars and restaurants is a thing of the past.

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New York lawmakers are expected to end the rule that requires people in New York to order food when purchasing an alcoholic beverage at bars and restaurants.

The state Senate and Assembly will vote Wednesday on a resolution to overturn some of Governor Cuomo's executive orders related to the pandemic. Lawmakers are expected to lift the rule requiring people to order food with alcohol.

“As more New Yorkers continue to get vaccinated, and our infection rates continue to decline, it is time to begin removing certain restrictions and regulations that are no longer necessary, so we can safely reopen and rebuild our state's economy," Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-Yonkers-Scarsdale) said in a statement. We ask New Yorkers to continue to heed public health guidance as it relates to mask-wearing, observe social distancing precautions and get vaccinated so that we don’t lose ground in our recovery.”

Some bars starting selling "Cuomo chips" after the rule was put in place, while sites like Amazon starting selling "Andrew Cuomo Peeping Window Stickers."

New York officials say lifting the rule is common sense and a step in the right direction. But want other restrictions to also be lifted like putting barstools back at bars and the midnight curfew.

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"This repeal is common sense and is a step in the right direction, but we need to also responsibly loosen other business restrictions like removing the ban on barstools that prohibits customers from sitting at a bar, and modify the midnight curfew, which pushes people from regulated restaurants and bars into unregulated homes and underground events," the NYC Hospitality Alliance stated.

A spokesperson for Gov. Andrew Cuomo says Cuomo was going to lift the restriction in the near future.

"With the number steadily decreasing, lifting this COVID-related restriction was something we were in the process of implementing in the coming days," Cuomo's senior adviser Rich Azzopardi. said, according to NBC. "We are pleased that the legislature agrees that we have made enough progress on COVID that New York is in a position to repeal this provision."

ABC reports Cuomo was planning to end the rule on Thursday. It's unclear when the rule will officially be lifted.

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