I guess it is true what they say; "everything old is new again." Recently the police department of Clarkstown had to issue a warning to citizens about an old scam that has reared its ugly head once again. As annoying as it is, it's a formula that's so simple it has been repeated numerous times, like a wash, rinse and repeat.

What's The Scam This TIme?

The scam itself is a simple text message alert with a link to allegedly purchase some type of product. In this case, the Clarkstown police and fire department are the center of it all.

Scammers have been sending out text messages to people at random stating that they can purchase "CPD hoodies and shirts" online by following the link in the message. This is a blatant lie.


Clarkstown Police Advice About How to Handle New Scam

Clarkstown police learned of this scam when numerous citizens called in asking questions regarding the scam message. In response, the Clarkstown police department stated that currently, they are not selling any items like hoodies or t-shirts online. While Clarkstown police figure out where this scam originated from, they have advised all citizens that if they receive this scam message to NOT RESPOND.

Simply do not open the message and definitely do not click on the link in the message. If you get this message to delete it immediately.


These Scams Are Way to Common Now

Scams like this are unfortunately so common in today's day and age. They're pretty much as common as imposter social media accounts. In addition, the fact of the matter is that though these scams are incredibly simple in thought they can pose a major threat to those who fall for them. Letting a rip-off artist have any type of access to financial information is a sure recipe for disaster.

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On the bright side, because scams like this have gotten so popular, most people can see now if someone else is attempting to scam them.

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For those individuals out there perpetuating these scams, I wholeheartedly hope that karma comes back to bite you in the rear end. Good thing about karma though, it usually does come back to get you, especially when you're attempting to rip off other people.

Expert Tips for Avoiding Online Shopping Scams

In order to avoid a scammer getting the better of you, check out the following red flags to look out for as well as preventative measures to take from Dr. Skiba, AKA Dr. Fraud himself:

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