People love the convenience of staying at an Airbnb property. Living next to one or two of them is a different story.

Do you rent or own your home?

The ratio of homeowners to renters is actually quite staggering. According to iProperty Management, at the beginning of 2022, roughly 65% of Americans owned the home they were living in. As of this month, there are over 78 million homeowners and just over 44 million renters.

Imagine living in a nice neighborhood only to have the vacant house next store to you finally sell and instead of getting permanent neighbors the home is turned into a low-dough hotel that will rent to just about anyone? You might have some concerns.

How many rental properties in the area are owned by out-of-state investors or landlords who have absolutely no ties to the community whatsoever?

Should people who don't have any ties to the community be allowed to purchase properties in the Hudson Valley only to make them vacation sites for strangers?


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