If you've got a pile of cash stocked away and you're looking to invest, this abandoned Hudson Valley mansion could be yours. Wyndclyffe Mansion in Rhinebeck is set to go on the block on September 21.

The mansion itself is in total disrepair and will require a complete rebuild. However, the 2.5 acre property is just one lot away from the Hudson River and the views are stunning.

The original 3 story mansion was built in 1852 and consisted of 7,690 square feet, plus a full basement. There were originally nine bedrooms, five bathrooms and four fireplaces. Real estate taxes will run you more than $7,000 per year. But something tells me if you can afford to bid on a property of this caliber, you won't have a problem coming up with $7k.

The auction takes place at the New York LaGuardia Airport Marriott Hotel on the 21st. Registration begins at 10am, while the auction takes place beginning at 11. Absentee bidding is available if registered at least five business days in advance.

Sounds to good to be true for all you house hunters, right? Well be prepared to present a cashier's check in the amount of $20,000 just to bid. Then you can start sinking the millions of dollars it will take to rehab this historic home.

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