It's that time of year when young adults are graduating high school and college and heading out into the real world.  It's a cruel world but you can overtake it and succeed.

If someone told me how my life would unfold after graduation, I'd have laughed and said they were idiots because I had goals and was going to hit them.  I did hit them, just nowhere near the time frame I had or even some of the goals I thought were goals.

Set goals for your life, be willing to be flexible and don't be afraid to let some of those goals change a bit because you may think that you want to be in a career or married, etc by a certain age and that may not be in the cards and that's ok.

Take life by the horns, follow your dreams, never settle for anything but the best and most of all, don't be afraid to take chances.  You'll have debt, you'll be working for a long time so go do something that you love because it'll be easier to get up and go to work everyday when it's something you love and are passionate about but have to pinch pennies than to have all the money and hate going to work everyday.  It's exhausting.

Never be afraid to ask questions, ask for advice or for help and always be willing to do something that "isn't your job" because you never know who is watching.

Always be nice and respectful to everyone because you never know who they are or know.

Take one day a week to relax and do a hobby, play a sport, hang out with friends or whatever you enjoy in life besides your career.  Take time to hang with your parents and always remember where you came from.

Go take your career, future and life by the horns and be GREAT!

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