Resorts World Catskills is expanding and I have 7 suggestions for what they should add.

I'm no casino junkie. I've literally been to two casinos in my life, one of them being Resorts World Catskills. But after experiencing one other casino, I'm obviously an expert on the gambling and resort world (and I'm going to Vegas in January, so I'm like really legit).

While Resorts World Catskills is expanding and adding to the property and resort up in Monticello, here are some things I think they should consider adding/integrating into the space:

1. Another casino
Right now they only have one casino and they could use another. Maybe a themed casino? I like where this is going already.

2. Jeweler
So after you win your millions (read: after I lost my $20) you want to ball out and buy a Rolex, right? Well, with my negative $20 I tried on a Rolex at a jeweler with the most recent casino I was at. And let me tell you, I felt BOUJEE.

3. Dessert Shop
After a night of drinking and blowing my money, I want to blow more money on something I definitely don't need but want: dessert. Ice cream, doughnuts, cupcakes, quite literally anything sweet. Put it right by the exit and no one will be able to resist

4. Swim Up Bar
I know they're opening a waterpark soon at Resorts World Catskills and honestly if they don't have a swim up bar I'm going to be a little salty. I think it should be a staple at any place with the word 'resort' in its name

5. Mexican Restaurant
Resorts World Catskills has Asian and Italian cuisine covered, now let's get some Mexican. Give me some chips and salsa/guac and I'm guaranteed to buy about 3 more drinks than without the salty snack. Seriously, everyone loves Mexican food. Picture this: tequila flights

6. Valet Parking
Honestly, I'm surprised they don't have valet parking. Especially for the winter time, who wants to park their own car? I might be cheap, but I'm also lazy and definitely don't want to walk to and from my car in the winter.

7. Specialty Bar
This could literally be anything. Right now, Resorts World Catskills has about 2 bars (I could be wrong here!) and they need a specialty bar. A wine bar, whiskey bar, craft beer bar, anything! With all the craft distilleries/breweries/wineries in the area, this should be a no-brainer.

What do you want to see at Resorts World Catskills?

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