So you are from the Hudson Valley and think you pretty much know everything that there is to know about the area? Here are a few things about Kingston, that you may or may not know. There isn't an official scoring system. If you know these things, consider yourself a "King-ston" or a "Queen-ston" of the Hudson Valley.

  1. The first one is an easy one. Kingston was the first capital of the State of New York in 1777. Ok, too easy?
  2. The town of Kingston officially became a town in 1652, it was a trading post initially, established by the Dutch.
  3. This year, 2020, there will be a virtual "Capital to Capital Run" commemorating the Burning of Kingston. The run is a 5K and will be held virtually and is "tracing the same route colonists took to flee invading British soldiers and the moving the colonial state capital from Kingston to Hurley." The burning of Kingston occurred in October of 1777 during the American Revolution.
  4. George Clinton, the first Governor of New York (and Ulster County resident) is buried in the Old Dutch Church cemetery. The Kingston Rhinecliff bridge carries his name. 
  5. Kingston, NY has two zip codes. Yes, in addition to the 12401, there is also 12402. Who gets to use the 12402? Only persons who have a post office box at the main branch.

Ok, so did we stump you at all? Did you know 3 out of 5 of the 'facts?' What other interesting pieces of information should we know about Kingston NY? Share with us, please!

For more details about historical tours or trails in Kingston NY, click here. 

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