Have you been spending more time in the kitchen during your Corona Quarantine? I think we all have. As I have been cooking more it has come to my attention that there are a few things that really make things easier for me, perhaps they will also help you out:

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  • My long oven mitts. These things are huge and go up to my elbows. The instances of me burning myself are pretty non-existent, as long as I don't try to cheat and just use a folded up kitchen towel to pull what ever it is out of the oven . Get the oven mits and USE them.
  • Tongs. Tongs have saved me so many times. Not only to turn food as I am cooking it, but at 5'2, they also help me get non-breakable items off top shelves when I don't want to get a step ladder out.
  • A kitchen timer. Yes, this might sound rudimentary, but a kitchen timer is extremely helpful, if you actually use it. How many times have you put something in the oven and just plain been distracted and forgotten about what ever it is, until you smell it? You have a timer on your cellphone and more than likely on your microwave.
  • Microfiber re-usable towels. These things make clean up so easy plus they are washable (just don't use fabric softener on them). I have a clean kitchen and have significantly cut down on the use of paper towels.
  • A bleach based cleaner for counters, cutting boards and the fridge. This is huge, especially now when you don't know what you are bringing into the house germ wise. I really like the Clorox Clean-up, but there are other similar ones on the market.

Yes, a good knife, a rolling pin, washable cutting board, knife sharpener, selection of mixing bowls and a vegetable peeler will probably round out your need-to-haves, or more importantly get you started on your cooking journey. But the 5 listed above, those will make your kitchen life so much better.

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