The holiday season brings excitement, joy and love into our lives during this time of year. I look forward to all things related to Christmas but mostly the holiday greeting cards. So much has changed during the digital age which makes it even more joyful to receive mail. Christmas cards give us the chance to reconnect with folks that we may have lost touch with or don’t get to see often. Once Christmas is over we have the option to save those cards, throw them out or re purpose them. Here are some ways to recycle and reuse our holiday greeting cards.


• Gift tags

When wrapping presents, I’m always on the lookout for gift tags. You can cut your holiday cards into sections and or different shapes to create a gift tag for the next year. This homemade gift can save money and turn into a fun project.

• Decorative magnets

Some holiday cards are super cute and others have beautiful designs on them. You can cut out which scene you like start a DIY project with yourself, other half, family member or friends. DIY magnets are more fun to make then to purchase.

• Frame them

The holiday cards I receive have festive backgrounds, uplifting quotes and cute little characters on them. I have so many Christmas cards saved because I love the design on them. Turn your greeting card into a picture, simply grab a frame and place it in your space for everyday décor or holiday decorations.

• Turn into a postcard

It’s always fun and exciting to receive mail. You can turn your greeting card into a special note and send it to someone special. It’s even more helpful if the backside of the card is blank, then you can put the person’s address on there.

Which idea is your favorite? I would like to turn the holiday greeting cards I received into postcards. I would continue to spread the cheer throughout the year.

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