Many Hudson Valley residents are disappointed that they will not be able to dress up and make their nerdy pilgrimage to the Javits Center this year.

The New York Comic Con was has cancelled the convention at the The Javits Center this year and will move to the internet. Something tells me there will be a ton of lonely Storm Troopers this October.

It will be extremely difficult to for most of us to get our geek on this year. So many large events were cancelled back in April and more and more events keep getting added to the list. Many events have either postponed until next year or adapted.

According to CNBC, It was recently announced that the 2020 New York Comic Con will not be holding an in person convention this year. Instead, they will just hold their panels virtually via YouTube from October 8-11.

It was reported that last year the New York Comic Con sold roughly 200,000 tickets for the event that spans almost a week. This could also mean a huge financial hit for New York's economy.

Will you miss the New York Comic Con this year?

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