Who steals a tree?!

This could possibly be one of the most absurd and disheartening stories you'll read today. According to a notice on a tree, someone has actually stolen two other trees from a Rockland County Park. Yes, someone stole trees from a park. Not a flower or a shrub, but a tree.

According to a post on Facebook, this is extra upsetting because the trees that were stolen were planted as part of a youth environmental project. The project hoped to bring awareness to climate change and help the local environment. These students worked with the 4-H program part of the Cornell Cooperative Extension program. Students researched what trees to plant, talked to local experts, and ultimately planted the trees themselves.

The notice was shared on Facebook and reads in part:

"On Tuesday, June 8, Rockland County Park Rangers reported the theft of two newly planted Eastern Redbud Trees near the pavilion in Kakiat Park."

According to the notice that was shared on Facebook, these trees had been planted for only nine days before they were stolen. The trees were planted in a location that was meant to be visible to park visitors and educational groups.

If you have any information about what happened to these trees you are asked to contact the Rockland County Division of Environmental Resources at (845)-364-2670. The information will then be provided to the Rockland County Sheriff's Office.

Let me just say that if you stole these kids' trees you are no friend of mine or the environment!

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