A Lower Hudson Valley town is the first town in New York to pass a law requiring the use of face-coverings or masks.

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In April, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a new executive order, all New Yorkers must have their face covered when in public when social distancing can't be maintained.

New Yorkers are allowed to cover faces with a medical-grade mask or a cloth covering that covers the nose and mouth.

Last Thursday, the New York State Department of Health issued an amendment to its "Enforcement of Social Distancing Measures." Among the changes are fines can now be issued to New Yorkers who aren't wearing a mask or practicing social distancing. Businesses can also be fined.

On Tuesday, the New Castle town board unanimously passed a measure to increase enforcement on wearing a mask when someone can't be socially distant, WCBS reports.

Police can now give out tickets if someone is caught not wearing a mask in the Westchester County town. A person will be fined $250 dollars for a first offense and up to $500 for additional offenses.

Officials say the new enforcement is due to a spike in COVID-19 cases following Horace Greeley High School's drive-in graduation and an unsanctioned afterparty. Around 20 people linked to those events tested positive for coronavirus in Chappaqua.

The new law is expected to into effect this week.

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