Winter; An Upstate NY Way of Life

Winter might be a way of life if you're from Upstate NY, but that doesn't mean we all feel the same way.   While some of us make the most of the (seemingly) endless colder months, others, like me, who don't ski, ice skate, or enjoy 4:30 PM sunsets, think differently about the coldest season of the year.

But if there's one thing that most Upstate New Yorkers can agree on when it comes to winter, it's that our tolerance level of snow goes way up if it means we'll have a white Christmas.

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75% of New York residents want a white Christmas

According to a survey, 3 out of every 4 New Yorkers want a white Christmas this year, and according to, the following is a list of the top 15 cities in New York, and the chance that they'll have a fresh blanket of white stuff when they wake up on Christmas morning.

  1. Newcomb 91%
  2. West Turin 88.5
  3. Indian Lake 88.5%
  4. Lake Placid 86.6%
  5. Big Moose Lake 85.8%
  6. Boonville 4.6%
  7. North Creek 81.8%
  8. Ellenburg 80.5%
  9. Tully 80.2%
  10. Lowville 77.9%
  11. Syracuse 56.3%
  12. Buffalo 52.7%
  13. Rochester  51.5%
  14. Albany  41.6%
  15. Islip  13.7%
  16. New York City 13.2%

By the looks of this list, the further north you go in New York, the better the chance of a white Christmas for its residents.  The city with the best overall chance is Newcomb, NY, about 2 hours north of Albany.  According to the data, they'll have fluffy white Xmas powder over 90% of the time.

The further south and or west that you go, the percentages drop, but a white Christmas certainly isn't out of the realm of possibility.

Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo all have about a 50/50 chance, while further east in Albany, Capital Region residents have just over a 40% chance.

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