My wife has given up carbs for Lent and since we are married, somehow, I had to as well.  At first, I wasn't overly happy about that but now I'm loving it.  I've already dropped almost 16lbs and feel great.

I've now decided to make this a normal thing and am looking for ways to continue to eat the things I like without all of the carbs.

NOW, there is a way.  Elsie's in Jersey has started something that will soon become a rage for anyone trying to cut carbs out of their diet.  Pick a sandwich that you enjoy, a Turkey Club, Reuben or maybe even a burger and instead of using a wrap, a roll or bread, use a sliced pickle.   Yes I said a pickle.

You find a large pickle or even take a cucumber and pickle it (because of the size) and slice it long ways and place the meats of choice and cheese, etc in between the 2 slices of pickles and viola, carb-less sandwich.

I haven't tried this yet but I'm thinking Shelly's Diner will have it soon enough!

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