An animal rehabilitation center in Oregon isn't feeling the love this Valentine's Day.

According to 13WHAM, a rehabilitation center for animals in Oregon is offering to put your ex's name on a salmon, and feed it to a bear. Realistically, you can get any name written on the salmon, but in the spirit of Valentine's Day why not get your ex's?

Wildlife Images Rehabilitation is the center offering the promotion. There are two different promotions: a great catch or catch & release. The 'great catch' promotion is for if you found someone who's a real catch (wink face here) and want to really show them how much you love them by supporting a healthy diet for the bears. The catch and release program is if you got rid of your ex and want one of the 1,000 bears to tear into your ex. Both options cost $20.

In case you're wondering, they're two Kodiak bears named Kodi and Yak, how cute.

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