According to New York Post, a fan jumped over the barricade and tackled Rollins as he walked back to the entrance ramp from the ring after his match. Several different angles of the incident from the fan-shot videos have been popping up on social media since after the incident occurred last night. In the videos, you can clearly see the fan give Seth Rollins a running spear as referees and other security personnel quickly jump in and defuse the situation, escorting the fan out of the Barclays Center. Note: Youtube video footage does contain some foul language.

Locally, some Hudson Valley wrestling fans shared their thoughts with me on the incident.

“As a fan who grew up going to ECW shows at the Mid Hudson Civic Center, I would laugh when fans would try and jump the rail...only to get their ass handed to them for real. Today as a father of two, I just roll my eyes. These so-called fans who try and do this just to get their 5 seconds of infamy on social media are idiots. You’re only going to get arrested and banned for life from attending shows. Grow up and stop ruining shows for the real fans.”

-Steve Credo of Marks4Life Pro Wrestling Group.


"A numbskull who couldn't separate the spectacle that is professional wrestling and/or sports entertainment and reality.
He, like other imbeciles before him (the dimwit who attacked an elderly Bret Hart at the Hall of fame induction of The Hart Foundation in 2019) wants his 10 seconds of fame on social media and other platforms.

Kudos to WWE for panning away from this incident and focusing on the injured Finn Balor, not giving any coverage to this idiot."

- Joe Mason, Longtime wrestling fan from Lake Carmel, NY

It was reported on Tuesday morning by various news sources that the "fan" was arrested by NYPD and he now faces two charges: attempted assault and attempted violation of arts and cultural affairs (disrupting a live sporting event).

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