Do you see things online and think to yourself, "You've got to be kidding me?" That is exactly what I said when I came across an article saying that I should wrap my feet in aluminum foil for an hour.

I stopped what I was doing and didn't click on that article, but I went to a search engine and typed in 'wrap your feet' and then it auto populated with the words 'in aluminum foil.' At this point, I was thrilled that I wasn't the only one who had searched for this.

Suddenly, I felt a little less like I was alone, looking up these potentially zainy topics.

So, why would anyone want to allegedly wrap their feet in alumninum foil for an hour? Ok, I started to do the research, what was I missing out on? Was this some cure for rough heels? Athletes foot? Would my feet be able to fit in those cute shoes, I bought a few years ago that never quite fit?

Apparently there is quite a few people that think wrapping your feet in aluminum foil for one hour will help releve everyday aches and pains. Not only can you supposedly wrap your feet in it, but also your elbows. Did I actually do this? No. I guess I just need a little more scientific research behind the use of what I wrap my leftovers in as to why I should wrap my feet with it.

Here is what the consenus of the articles that said for me to NOT do it: apparently there is a chance I can absorb aluminum through the skin, which is not good for our bodies.

Will I do this, like ever? Probably not. However, I do forsee a quick experiement to see if doing this helps those cute shoes in the back of the closet fit.

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