WPDH Vets Who Rock Will Roll Dinner

We gave away a Dodge Ram 1500 to a Veteran who definitely deserved it at our Vets Who Rock Will Roll dinner and award ceremony.

We had you submit stories about Vets who rock in your life, and man did you deliver. Many stories were submitted, and they were absolutely amazing!

While only one person was able to drive away in the Dodge Ram 1500, thanks to our sponsors: TEG Federal Credit Union, and the New York Army National Guard we were able to give away two $250 gift cards from TEG, and a $500 courtesy of the National Guard.

Crash-N-Burn Event Pix
Crash-N-Burn Event Pix

John Mausolf was the much deserving veteran who was selected as the winner of the Limited Edition Dodge Ram 1500. Here's the story that was submitted by John's friend Andrew Klein:

I have known John my entire life we went to school and grew up together around the corner from each other. John always wanted to join the Army from a young age to follow in his grandfather, uncle and fathers steps. After we graduated high school John enlisted in the Army as an infantryman and was assigned to the 101st airborne. In 2010 John was deployed to the Paktika province of Afghanistan were he served there for 13 months. During his time overseas John and his company took on daily enemy fire and mortar attacks, withstanding one of the largest attacks on a U.S base in U.S history gaining the recognition of General Patraeus and garnering a visit from him days after the attack. Also while in Afghanistan John and the 101st were able to give protection to nearby villages to allow schools to be built and little girls to attend for the first time in many years. After completing his time in the Army John continued his selfless attitude becoming a lineman to help others in a time of need and becoming one of the first responders when a natural disaster hits. While being a lineman John has traveled the eastern seaboard after hurricanes have devastated areas to help restore power. John went to the Virgin Islands for 5 months after hurricane Marie hit this past year to help the Island of St. Thomas. Along with being a first responder when hurricanes or natural disasters hit John is also a volunteer fireman for the Greenport Fire Department where he has been a member since he was 14 starting in the explorer program. John has devoted his life to helping others in some of the worst times of need and is one of the best man I know, he truly embodies what it means to serve his country and what it is to be a veteran. If John has the honor to win this prize I know he plans on donating the truck to our local VFW for them to use as a presidents vehicle so someone doesn't have to worry about missing a meeting or activity because of transportation issues showing John's compassion for others not worrying about the vehicle for himself but be able to give back to veterans that served before him.

Congratulations to all the Veterans that were honored, and thank you for your service! Happy Veterans Day!

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