For the most part, we have all heard of the legend of Sleepy Hollow. I remember watching a movie in school about this tale. It was neat that I had the opportunity to experience all of this in person.

I truly love when my sister finds new adventures for us to go on. Recently, we visited the original Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Tarrytown. She is a huge history buff and was excited to learn about the site and visit historic graves. I was open to the experience but wondered what we would come across upon arrival. For me, this wasn't my first pick of an adventure to go on but I was thankful that we did.

There was a walking tour going on and guests seemed interested, enthused and eager to learn about the site. My sister and I walked around the cemetery with our guide of the grounds in search of Washington Irving, Andrew Carnegie and other historical influences graves. There is over 100 acres on site.

The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Historic Fund allows guests to respectfully be on the grounds. They hope that by allowing this, it will encourage more people to learn about the knowledge behind the area, church and site. They also take pride in preserving and maintaining the cemetery. 

The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is on the National Registers of Historic Sites. This cemetery was formed in 1849. I believe that I am learning more now about history than I did in school, haha. 

Find out how you can see the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery by clicking here.

Would you take part in this adventure? What about this site makes you want to visit? Fill us in below.

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