Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and you are probably thinking about fun parties and barbecues with friends and family. That's fine, but here is something else that you can do that's both educational and an important part of our American history.

This Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, May 27, the lawn in front of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library will take on the appearance of a World War II encampment with WWII Military Displays. Period military vehicles of all sizes and soldiers in battle dress will be on hand to share their love of World War II history. The Hyde Park Education Foundation will also host a field of honor flag display. Hundreds of American flags will fly in a patriotic display honoring veterans, first responders and hometown heroes. And it's a free event.

For more information about the Memorial Day events this weekend at the FDR Presidential Library and Site, visit their facebook page or their website.

WW II Military Show
Alex Wong /Getty Images

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