On street parking is always a convenience. How great does it feel to get a spot up super close to where you want to be? If you’re in Kingston, you can grab on street parking for free (Who would have thought this would happen?)

Imagine walking around and seeing plastic bags over the parking meters. At first, I thought that the meters were broken or being replaced. The plastic bags over the meters represent free on street parking.

As of right now, there will not be any fees for on street parking in Kingston.

Usually, it costs about $1.50 to $2.00 an hour for parking with the meters lasting up to a maximum of three hours.

The City of Kingston has waived on street permits in hopes to help accommodate healthcare workers and folks that are continuing to stay home.

Monthly parking permits in the City of Kingston have been extended with no additional cost throughout April. If you currently have a parking permit, you’ll receive an email with an update and information about this extension.

I was thankful to get some fresh air and walk around uptown Kingston. I saw restaurants, shops, businesses and the historic Senate House. Some of the small businesses offering their curbside and delivery services and I smiled when I saw uplifting quotes written in chalk on the sidewalks. At the Old Dutch Church, I noticed that there is a take a prayer and leave a prayer display, how sweet. I now also understand the term window shopping as many of the businesses were closed.  I passed smiling faces at a distance and saw dogs happily prance with their owners which reminded me that everything will be okay. I knew I had a good day when I heard the church bells ring as I was leaving.

Where should they bring free on street parking next here in the Hudson Valley? Leave a comment below of your thoughts. :)

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