Can you help find these stolen goats?

We get all kinds of messages from people all the time asking for our help with all kinds of situations. We try our best all the time to help when we can and when this woman reached out for some help finding stolen goats, we had to try and help.

Kristy sent me a message to let us know that during the winter storm this past weekend two newborn goats were stolen from a farm in Middleburgh N.Y. which is about an hour north of Saugerties. The family is looking for any information that could lead to them recovering the goats.

She told us that someone trespassed on the property and went into the barn to take the two baby goats that were just born on January 18th. She also said that the people responsible for the theft did leave footprints in the snow and police are investigating.

The baby goats that were taken are twin Nigerian Dwarf Goats, a male and female. The male goat is black in color and the female is dark brown and black with a silver patch on her back.

If you have any information about these goats please call 518-949-1160.

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