BBQ season is upon us and the grill master in all of us is being called to the grill. Bar-b-Que deliciousness awaits as we fire up the the charcoal, gas or wood burning smokers and grills and get set for a summer of smoking, grilling and roasting.

I have a few favorites from the grill. Number one would be a juicy steak, farm raised of course, grilled to medium rare with a great seer in both sides. My brother in-law has that recipe down on his charcoal Weber. My next favorite would have to be what my husband calls Brontosaurs Chicken Legs which is basically BBQ Chicken leg quarters (the leg and the thigh together) that he has perfected on our gas fired Charbroil grill.

But the one thing that says summer has arrived is a tasty "smoker slow cook" piece of pork pull dressed with a spicy hot rub and a sweet tangy BBQ sauce. To be the perfect pulled pork sandwich in my book it should be served on a soft potato bun with fresh coleslaw and pickles draping out the sides.

Here's to hoping your grill is full, the beverages are cold and your friends are gathered for the first official weekend of back yard grilling.

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