It's certainly a huge decision that many Americans made November 4. Some Americans are pretty casual when it comes to an election, while others are gripping with stress and anxiety. It's only the future direction of the nation, right?

Many of you probably grabbed your phones or laptops as the votes were being counted Tuesday night. Maybe it was for information, distraction, calling friends and family, or something you'd rather not share? But what were Americans really looking for online? Google seems to have some answers, and, in short, the answer is: comfort. Or maybe: peace of mind by way of a full stomach.

Google Trends announced the results of their "near me" queries from Tuesday night, and it seems people wanted food and booze. Some of their most searched items included; liquor stores, Chinese food, pizza, sushi, and Mexican food. Google also said that people searched more for alcohol and finger foods as the night went on. French fries were another item Americans wanted election night, according to Google. Well, who doesn't love some good fries? 

It's quite understandable people might be stress eating given what a nail-biter this election has been. Anyone show up to work a bit groggy and bloated Wednesday morning? Add an election to all the other issues we've faced here in 2020. You can check out a county by county breakdown of how New York voted for the 2020 Election right HERE.

How did you spend election night? were you glued to your seat near the television all evening, or was it just a normal time for you? Share your stories.

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