Well, this is a little disappointing.

Last week the internet was buzzing when IHOP tweeted out some mind blowing news. The popular breakfast chain restaurant, International House of Pancakes, released a statement explaining that they would be changing their name after 61 years.

The name change will effect all IHOP locations around the Hudson Valley and US.

Foodies were left asking, what can you even change it to? IHOP decided they would just be changing one letter in their name. The restaurants are now going by IHOB.

Then they made us wait and speculate what the 'B' stood for. Many of us, myself included, thought the B stood for breakfast or bacon. Which would make sense since they're known for their breakfast foods.

Well as of Monday, June 11, International House of Pancakes is now the International House of Burgers.

While IHOP served lunch and dinner courses as well, they're most definitely not known for their burgers. I'm not crazy about IHOB.

Can we start a petition to get IHOP back?



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