These hot wings are so nuclear that we had to trick people into even trying them.

The fact that the sauce is called "Euthanasia" should tell you a thing or two about how hot these wings actually are. John from AJ Cafe in Wappingers Falls says he actually searches the Internet just to find the rare ingredients that make up this insane sauce.

Since we couldn't find anyone who would actually volunteer to try these, we had to resort to lying. That's right, we told these three people that they would be playing a fun game of "wing roulette." But instead of just one of them getting hot wings, they would secretly all be trying the "Euthanasia" wings.

If you're crazy enough to want to try these wings for yourself, John says that AJ Cafe will be bringing some samples to Wing Wars on Saturday at the Motorcyclepedia in Newburgh.

So if you're brave enough to try these insanely rare wings make sure you get there early. Oh, and be prepared to sign a waiver because John says he won't take responsibility for what happens next.

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