The maskless woman told another customer she was going to "spit" in his "face."
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A video was posted to Youtube on Saturday that claims to have been recorded at the Newburgh Marshalls.

"Put your mask on, put your mask on," one customer is heard telling and maskless customer.

"If I didn't have my kids I would spit in your face," the maskless woman fired back. "And you would be in big trouble," the man responded

The incident happened in what appears to be a long line at the Newburgh store. Another woman is heard telling the maskless customer that she is "breaking the law" by not wearing a mask.

A Marshalls spokesperson confirmed to Hudson Valley Post the incident happened in Newburgh, adding it's store policy for adult customers to wear a mask while in the store.

"At Marshalls, we are committed to fostering an environment in our stores in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and do not condone any disruptive or otherwise aggressive behavior. We are sorry to learn that this situation occurred between two customers in our Newburgh store. In all of our U.S. stores, our Associates are required to wear masks and our customers are required to wear face coverings (except for young children and those with health conditions that prevent them from wearing a face covering, or if a state or local exemption applies)," the spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post in an email.

The spokesperson couldn't comment as to why employees didn't tell the woman she needed to wear a face covering.

Below is the video of the incident. Warning the video obtains a number of curse words:

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