When most people see a spider this big, they look for something to smash it with. One Hudson Valley resident looked for first aid.

I can't stand spiders. I'm terrified of them but I'm not alone. The Cleveland Clinic reports that 15% of the population could have some form of arachnophobia.

If I saw a large spider in my house and it was walking slowly, I would be happy because it would make it easier for me to catch it. My first thought wouldn't be that it must be sick. That's apparently what a man from Wurtsboro Hills, New York thought when he saw a spider hobbling along.

Rehabbing a Spider

A post on a local  Facebook page stated: "He or She seemed weak and was moving slow so I gave it water on a Q-Tip and it was much better and went on its way 15mins later."

Is that a thing?

It's hard to believe but spiders can become dehydrated. They need to drink water. So how does a spider get water?

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How much Water Does a Spider Need?

According to Smithsonian Magazine, usually they drink them from droplets, small puddles or even in juices from their prey (gross) but I guess in a pinch they can get them from a wet Q-Tips.

Brandon Ramos
Brandon Ramos

Maybe it really was dehydrated. Maybe next time it can try Gatorade.

You can watch the full video that was posted on Facebook by clicking here.

I have to commend this dude's bravery. There's no way I would let my hand get that close to a spider that big.

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