Sometimes you have to stand tall for what you believe in. You may remember this story from June 2020. A Wilton, New York man was battling it out with his town over building a workshop on his property. The town said no. He says he reached out to local officials, but was ignored. That's when he took some big matters in to his own hands.

WNYT says the 32 year-old resident put up a 7-foot wooden penis display on his front lawn to mess with town officials. Well, they weren't going to let him build a shop, so he had to build something. the man says most found it amusing, though a few did not. police were called, and he was eventually arrested for displaying offensive sexual material.

Tuesday he had his day in court. WNYT is reporting that he plead not guilty to the misdemeanor charge. He is also still fighting with the town on the workshop. WNYT says the judge agreed with the dickman's attorney to give him 30 days to show that he is making progress.

WNYT says he plans to continue fighting. The giant wooden penis statue is currently in his backyard, away from the public. However, the road ahead for this man could be a hard one.

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