Trees, branches, and telephone lines were down last Friday after an ice storm blew through the Hudson Valley. Freezing rain, ice, and wind back on Friday, February 4th, left the Hudson Valley in shambles. However, one county was hit worse than others.

Ulster County is still cleaning up after Friday's storm. Thousands were (and some still are) without power. Central Hudson is estimating that there are 670 locations that still need power and that may take them until Tuesday (February,7th).

Unfortunately, the terrible weather affected many businesses in the Ulster region. The Ulster County SPCA in Kingston saw a ton of damage during the storm. Not only did they lose power, but trees and branches caused damage across their property. On Facebook, they wrote:

The shelter is surrounded by trees, and the damage could have been much more significant. For some inexplicable reason, many of these trees whose limbs usually overhang our building were blown and frozen in the opposite direction. As they fell, they landed in the wooded area next to the shelter and not the building. Even the large tree that would have flattened every one of our barns and injured the staff working there, missed by a mere foot.

The UC SPCA shared that their community really came together during the storm adding that Tom Gordon of Kingston Nissan dropped off a large space heater to help the rescued animals. Friends of the animal rescue also dropped off blankets and offered their generators.

Thankfully, none of the animals were harmed during the storm and have been moved to a safe location. The Ulster County SPCA went on to thank the community for all their help during and after the storm.

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