If it isn't bad enough that our Hudson Valley neighbors in Ulster County are still cleaning up from the ice storm 2 weeks ago, now they are dealing with a man-made problem. Winter storm Landon left a lot of people in our area with property damage. Now that folks are trying to get repairs done and others are looking for help, it seems there is a new scam going around.

The Ulster County Sheriff's Office posted today (February 17, 2022) on their Facebook page that there has been an uptick in scams following Winter storm Landon. Apparently, there have been some scams reported so they are asking people to be aware and be cautious at this time.

The Hudson Valley has a New Scam

The latest scam reported involves people posing as representatives from various charities. They claim to be seeking donations to help with disaster relief. This information was shared by the Ulster County Sheriff's Office after being released by the Ulster County District Attorney's Division of Consumer Affairs.

Both agencies are asking the public to take protective measures so that you don't get taken in by these scams. Here are the suggestions they made for you to keep safe please share them with people you know.

Ulster County Sheriff's List to Protect Yourself and Avoid Sams

1 - Only donate to trusted well-known charities. You can verify a charity through its website or check the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance and National Association of State Charity Officials.

2 - Varify all the phone numbers. Check the charity's official website to see that you have been given a legitimate number this goes for text-to-donate as well.
3 - Never open suspicious emails. If you get one never click on any links scammers use links for phishing scams and to spread malware.
4 - Lastly check information in social media posts. You want to double and triple-check before you give a penny.
For further information, Consumer Affairs can be reached at 845-340-3260

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