If you have ever driven North up 9W through Port Ewen then you were sure to have seen it. You may have even stopped in for a bite to eat. The Port Ewen Diner is a mainstay in the village and as of today is officially under new ownership.

It didn't matter what day or time you drove by the Port Ewen Diner there was always a parking lot full of cars. Ask anyone and they will tell you that the food was great and so was the place. It was the perfect little hometown restaurant. Today on the Port Ewen Diner Groups Facebook page the owners Lisa and Gary Zwerdling announced they have officially retired.

The Zwerdlings have turned over the keys to the restaurant to Ericka and David Cruz.

On to New Beginnings! Today we welcome the NEW OWNERS Ericka & David Cruz. Now Lisa Zwerdling &Gary Zwerdling can finally retire. So it is a Bittersweet sweet day here! So we are excited to start new memories all across the board. Best of luck to everyone!!

Port Ewen Diner via Facebook 8-2-2021 - The Zwerdlings and the Cruz's
Port Ewen Diner via Facebook 8-2-2021 - The Zwerdlings and the Cruz's

It seems that the new owners Erica and David are going to fit right in and be welcomed by restaurant regulars. Most everyone commenting on the diner's Facebook post is wishing the Zwerdlings a happy retirement and saying welcome to the Cruz's. One customer did ask that they don't change the chicken salad because it's his favorite.

The diner is located at 295 Broadway in Port Ewen and is known for its family-friendly menu. According to their website, their goal was always to provide quality food at reasonable prices. None of that is expected to change. Some on Facebook have even commented that they hope the staff stays. Obviously, this is a well-liked local restaurant and it appears none of that will be changing.

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