If you’ve seen a pair of goats roaming the streets of the Hudson Valley overthe last two weeks, your eyes aren’t deceiving you!

Town of Kent, NY Dog Control, posted on their Facebook page that two goats, pictured above, have been sighted throughout the Town of Kent. The goats have been spotted all over the Putnam County town of the past two weeks.

There have been confirmed sightings of the goats on Farmers Mills Rd and Gypsie Trail Rd in the Town of Kent, officials say.

At first, the owner of the goats was unknown. After posts about the loose goats circulated social media the animal’s owner contacted Town of Kent, NY Dog Control.

Now the task is catching the goats!

Anyone that spots the animals should immediately call the dog control office at 914-299-9699. It’s likely the goats are still in Putnam County, but there is also a chance they could have traveled to neighboring areas like Dutchess or Westchester Counties.

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