It's unfortunate, but this time of year door to door scams come back into play especially when people are looking to tidy up their yard for the summer.


According to a press release from the Town of Kent Police Department, residents should be aware of a recent door to door and phone call scam involving getting work done on a driveway. Reports have been circling about phone calls from "paving contractors" who offer a low price and expect the money upfront. They will also come to your door and offer to pave your driveway for a lower price because they have left over material from a previous job. The contractors will then do a sub-par job or leave it unfinished.

In other scam news, there is a new phone call scam that uses a fake caller id number. The number will come up Kent Police Department and the caller is asking for donations. The press release states that "The public must be made aware that neither the Kent Police Department nor the Kent P.B.A. conduct any type of solicitation over the phone."


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