Taking pictures in nature can be tricky. You see something that looks amazing and you want to capture it on film but all the pictures you take just don't do the real view justice. Or the animals you can't believe you just saw won't come into focus.


You need a nature photography lesson and lucky for you the Mohonk Preserve has realized the need for someone to share their wisdom of snapping nature at it's best. This Saturday (October 16, 2021)  you will be able to join two highly regarded photographers who will share their secrets of capturing nature at it's best.

Photographers John Verner and Renee Zernitsky will be share tricks and tips on how to capture nature on film. The event is set for Saturday October 16th from 9AM to 11 AM but if Mother nature decides to throw in some rain the event will be moved to Sunday. John and Renee will share with you tricks of the trade which are sure to have you shooting nature shots like a pro in no time.

The sessions will cover camera settings, composition, creative effects and various styles of photography. the program offered this weekend is geared towards intermediate and advance photographers who use DSLR camera. This is a reserved event with limited tickets so don't wait until the last minute to purchased your seats at this informative event.

Tickets for the event this weekend are still available so use this link to order your tickets. The Portal to join and register online.

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