Last week it was reported that Dutchess County is one of the leading counties in New York State when it comes to agriculture. Dutchess County has recently announced that they will be protecting two Hudson Valley farms that play an important role in the success of Dutchess County agriculture.

Brookyby Farms- DutchessCounty.Gov
Brookyby Farms-

County Planning Board Chairman Hans Klingzahn said in a press release "Each of the projects is a prime example of why the Partnership for Manageable Growth Program was established: to protect farms that have an important impact on Dutchess County. They are active dairy farms; they are located in key gateway areas, accentuating our scenic viewsheds; they protect natural resources like wildlife and water, and hold a historic importance for the County; and they enhance local municipal comprehensive plans and designations."

The Destined Wind Farm is a  family owned dairy farm that produces over one million pounds of milk each year and sells the milk to Marcus Dairy. Brookby Farm is also a dairy farm, but has been a staple in Dutchess County for over 200 years and sold over 800 gallons of raw milk two months after obtaining their raw milk license.

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