Video of a turtle supposedly on the concerned species list that had been painted and set loose in the wild is upsetting many Hudson Valley residents.

It's always hard to stomach animal cruelty especially when it's in our own backyard.

During these hot summer days, it is important to know that turtles may need your help when crossing the road. That's exactly what Susan Gleeson aimed to do yesterday but she ended up going above and beyond.

According to a recent video shared live on her Facebook page, as she pulled over to help a small wood turtle cross the road safely she had noticed that someone had decided to paint the back of the turtle's shell white and black an write the word 'cowboy' on the back.

Susan spent the next few hours trying to wash off the paint with an electric toothbrush. The turtle was then set back into the wild where she found him.

Credit: Susan Gleeson
Credit: Susan Gleeson

In case you were wondering, paint is not good for the turtles even if it is on its shell. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, the paint can cause health issues from them. Turtles absorb vitamins through their shell, the paint can poison them as well as cause respiratory issues.

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