What to do with the Christmas tree now that the holidays are over? If you were like most people this year you invested in a live tree which at this point has probably turned the corner and become the tree shedding all it's needles. It is time to undecorate the tree and then dispose of it.  But what exactly should you do with your tree?

One local Hudson Valley business has the perfect solution, they want you to give it to them for their goats. Yes, apparently goats love pine trees. I am sure you have heard about local places using goats to clear property. This past summer the Ashokan reservoir used them to clear up under brush and poison ivy. Yes goats eat poison ivy. They actually eat a lot of things you wouldn't think of including Christmas trees.

Saddle Ridge Farm at 85 Pancake Hollow road is asking anyone who wants to, to simply drop your old Christmas tree off for their goats. Obviously, it is important that your have removed all the ornaments. All you have to do is load the tree in the car and drop it at their front gate they will do the rest.

Some communities will collect trees from the curb or offer drop off site so that your tree can be mulched. It is a good idea to check in with your local Village or Town hall to find out if they have a plan. If not maybe there is a local farm near you with goats who would like a post Christmas treat.

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